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Agent ID: REN 26362

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While we do not ponder on acquiring that the number of properties sold is a true measure of a real estate agents worth, however having experience and a strong track record speaks for itself. Puan Nadia has been in the industry for the past 12 years and done a 500+ secondary market properties and project cases and today she is a mentor to 538 negotiators nationwide, coaching and producing new protégés daily.

Managing a group of people doesn’t mean on regressing her service level to her clients that has been with her for a very long time. She is now managing her secondary market properties and project sales with a group of dedicated Partner & Staff headed by En Azman, which is also her life partner

Coming from an engineering background, En Azman is quick on tackling complicated issues in which isn’t mind-challenging enough of within the industry, thus for this individual to pursue a career of higher accolades, analyzing and the development plus scrutinizing each individual task is taken into, delicately and accurately as possible.

Our team is dying to deliver a service that distinguish us from the other agent because we believe in executing fast delivering results - as today’s competitive marketing edge, teamwork and strong networking is an important element that individual agent must have
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