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P.S One @ Retail


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Condominium, Shop, Office





1900 sq ft - 10110 sq ft

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Masteron Group Of Companies, Pusat Komersial Koi, 2G-3G, Masteron Group Of Companies, Pusat Komersial Koi, 47100 Puchong, Pahang
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January 1970

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More about P.S One @ Retail

The PS 1 Tower is located within the central hub area of Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur – a mixed use development that comprises retail, soho and hotel with a sky lounge located at the top floor. Anchored at the intersection of two arterial roads, Jalan Balai Polis and Jalan Petaling that intersect at the gateway to Chinatown, this highly prominent site will be a focal point for all visitors to Petaling Street. The project contains 1,900 sq.m. of retail space over 4 floors, 10,110 sq.m. of SOHO over 10 floors and 4,000 sq.m. of Hotel over 4 floors, terminating with a Sky Lounge at 25th floor with outdoor green space, gymnasium, infinity pool, bar, cafe and cigar lounge, providing a common social gathering space with stunning panoramic vistas across the city skyline. The PS1 Tower rises prominently above its surrounding area at a height of 100 metres . The contemporary appearance of the Tower with a distinct compatibility with the traditional yet vibrant architectural elements in the area is expressed through the character, form and choice of materials. Through the use of metal, stone, glass, horizontal and vertical shading devices, the building is tuned to environmental and solar conditions. This tuning allows the building to change its appearance during different times of the day and the position of the viewer. Although one of the main design objectives is to protect the building from solar radiation, the design is also meant to embrace the ephemeral qualities of light. By layering different materials –including metal screens, glass panels, horizontal and vertical metal louvers arranged in a shadow box – a rich, delicate and constantly changing pattern of light and shade is created. The combination of the layers of material on the prominent tower facade elegantly expresses the temporal dimension of the spatial experience as the light subtly shifts along the building throughout the day and creates dramatic levels of transparency that are unique from different points of view. It creates a symphony played by light and material that provides the building with an appearance that varies from day into night. The strong rectangular geometry of the tower presents a continuous street frontage, harmoniously embracing the context of the city and surrounding buildings rich in character and heritage. The double height Sky Lounge located at the top floor crowns the whole building and is capped with a dramatic butterfly glass roof with steel bracing which is lit up at night. The PS1 Tower is the new landmark of Petaling Street and set to become a focal point within a vibrant and colourful district.

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