Following the footsteps of its neighbouring cities like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam has been growing exponentially and thriving in the Western Corridor of Klang Valley. Is Shah Alam a viable option for property investors and homebuyers in the long run?

Come and join us as we give you an update on what Shah Alam has to offer. During the forum, we also have experts to teach you how to secure a bank loan and how to apply geomancy practices in a multi-racial country.

Ishmael Ho, CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research
Ishmael Ho attained his LLB from the UK. Backed by his legal background, he entered the property industry from the legal angle. His widening involvement in the property industry included joining Cushman & Wakefield Malaysia, as well as being part of the research house in Sunrise Bhd before joining Ho Chin Soon Research.
Stephen Chin, Vice President of MINGS
As a journalist with several major publications, Stephen’s involvement in geomancy began when he collaborated with Master David Koh and Professor Joe Choo to write a weekly column on landform feng shui in Klang Valley. He was instrumental in coining the new term “Environology” to reflect a modern look at ancient art and science. He has also consulted for property developers, corporate and individual clients and he is also a speaker at MINGS annual forecast talks. Stephen is the vice president for public affairs at Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences.
Miichael Yeoh, CEO and Founder of GM Training Academy PLT
With over 20 years of experience in mortgage and investment industry, Miichael was previously attached to prominent banks before embarking into his own business. He regularly conducts mortgage seminars and courses for public, developers and estate agents and has helped thousands of loan borrowers by providing comprehensive mortgage advisory and solutions.
He has been featured in newspapers and magazines and is the author of 2 books “Think Like a Banker, Act Like A Player” and “Property Investment BLT, Size Up your Return with Bank, Law, Tax”. Miichael is the CEO and Founder of GM Training Academy PLT.
12.30pm-1.00pm Registration
1.00pm-1.30pm Speech by PKNS & Future Direction of PKNS
1.30pm-2.15pm Refreshment
2.15pm-3.15pm Shah Alam Transformation: A Journey through Time
by Ishmael Ho
Infrastructure development is the key to determining good property investment locations. Shah Alam will definitely benefit from such mega-infrastructures. He will be touching on key factors such as MRT Line 2, High Speed Rail, Shah Alam's existing development plans, market situation, and data and transaction prices in Shah Alam (compared to some parts of KL).

3.15pm-4.15pm We Just Happen to Call it Feng Shui: How Geomancy is practiced by different Cultures in Malaysia by Stephen Chin
Since ancient times, humans have been observing nature, learning about nature, and adapting to live with nature harmoniously. Geomancy is the cultural practice that developed from these lessons. Some of these are influenced by beliefs and superstitions but there are common principles that tie them together. The Malays practiced Tajul Muluk and Tiang Seri for generations and the Indians have Vastu Shastra. The Chinese have Feng Shui, which just happens to be more well known. Discover the common thread of these multi-cultural practices and how geomancy can be applied in the modern world.

4.15pm-5.15pm Managing your Mortgage Effectively and Borrow Smartly
by Miichael Yeoh
It is getting harder to get bank approval by the day. Banks are unlike 10 years ago where approval is easy. Borrowers will have to be more savvy when it comes to bank borrowing.. I will share with you a step by step approach in planning to get your mortgage approval. Your must know what to prepare before submitting your financial documents.

5:30pm End of Forum
Date: 22nd October 2016 (Saturday) Time: 12:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam
Persiaran Tasik, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS Coordinate: 3.07075,101.51702999999998

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