Strata Management Act at a glance

BY NG PAU LING Win a Strata Management Handbook! Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association of Malaysia (Rehda)’s training, research and education arm Rehda Institute recently launched the Strata Management Handbook — a comprehensive guidebook to strata living in Malaysia. The book provides extensive insight into the obligations, duties, responsibilities, powers, rights, procedures, expectations, limitations…

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Top 10 features of a profitable office property

OFFICE property has often been regarded as one of the best real estate investment options as it offers decent returns with lower risks. In an recent interview with Chinese media, B&G Capital Resources Bhd managing director Datuk Danny Goh Meng Keong pointed out top 10 features of an excellent office property, which would keep your…

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Factors that may affect the sale of your house

Did you know that these factors are affecting the sale of your house? Click here for the full article.    

Contest: Identify the real solid wood (and WIN a prize!)

(Answer question to Win a Solid Wood Pencil Tray! )   By NG PAU LING Solid wood is one of the earliest materials for making furniture. Archaeological research tells that in 5B.C. the Ancient Greeks began to carve and build stools, beds and tables from solid wood such as maple and oak. This classic…

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Secure your home when on holiday

YOU have been planning this vacation for some time, and now the time has come to set off. But before you go on that well-deserved break, you need to take steps to keep your home safe. Click here for the full article Want to contribute articles to Email

Landed versus high-rise property

WHILE price is usually the main component that distinguishes landed property from high-rise property, there are several other important factors to be considered when it comes to these two types of dwelling. Click here for full article.   Want to contribute articles to Email Download e-Mag( for more articles. Want to contribute…

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6 Things you should consider when taking up a home loan in Malaysia

Buying a house is one of the biggest steps to take in life, but at this point in time, a loan is almost essential in securing your home. Check out these few tips to ensure that you make the best out of your loans. Want to contribute articles to Email

5 things that could damage your credit score

YOUR credit score reflects your financial credibility. It is not easy to establish a good reputation, but it would only take a second to destroy it. Here are 5 things that you need to be aware of as it could damage your credit score. Click here for the full article.   Want to contribute articles to…

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Be smart when buying a house

Planning to buy a house anytime soon? You might want to check out the following reasons on why sometimes its better to wait for awhile more. Click here for the full article.     Download e-Mag( for more articles. Want to contribute articles to Email

Selling Your House? Avoid these pitfalls

If you want the quickest and best way to close a deal when selling your house, avoid these following mistakes. Click here for the full article.