StarPropertyTV (Video): So, you want to get promoted? | Shankar Santhiram

In his book entitled “So, you want to get promoted?”, EQTD Consulting founder Shankar Santhiram gave readers five keys to help employees get promoted. He stressed that in business and in life, knowing one’s purpose is pivotal to one’s success. Shankar, who owns a myriad of businesses, explained that the success of his business is…

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StarPropertyTV (Video): Daily habits dictate your destiny | Chiau Haw Choon

The story of Chin Hin Group managing director Chiau Haw Choon is a remarkable one. Once a secondary school dropout, Chiau was getting up to all sorts of mischief, which makes his eventual graduation from a university in Australia in 2009 all the more impressive. Undergoing a transformational journey, Chiau became a group managing director…

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StarProperty (Video): Lease option, explained

Vincent Wong, dubbed the “Father of Lease Options”, is back in Malaysia for his Deal Making Intensive (DMI) programme where he will introduce various unique strategies to property investing. To learn more: Breakdown of the interview: 00:35  Introduction to Vincent Wong and Wealth Dragons Group 02:46  Inspiration behind the book 03:57  Lease option explained 07:28  What is DMI all…

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StarPropertyTV (Video): Firstly, invest in YOUR career

Most employees want to climb the career ladder and obtain fancy C-suite titles, but according to OCBC Bank chief executive officer Ong Eng Bin, one’s intention must be right. Ong joined OCBC in 1988 as a management trainee and worked his way up to the top of the career ladder. Joining us on the Inspiring…

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StarPropertyTV (Video): Fundamentals of property investing

Principal of Propedia Consultancy Sr Vicky How insists that the lack of understanding towards property buying is acting as a huge stumbling block for the younger generation to venture into the business of property investing. The jargons and terminologies may give people the impression that property investing is a complicated business, hence How – who…

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StarPropertyTV (video): Building homes, not houses
Datuk Chew Yin Keen  

IWajib Group was born in 2008 with a mission to build eco-friendly homes for families. Despite being a relatively new player in this industry, their commitment and passion for creating a valuable environment for the community have made them a force to be reckoned with. This week, StarPropertyTV spoke to IWajib Group director Datuk Chew…

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[Video] Chinese developers say no impact from capital controls

Country Garden and Greenland say capital control measures has not affected their projects in Malaysia. Follow us on Wechat or Facebook for the latest updates. Download e-Mag( for more articles. Want to contribute articles to Email

StarPropertyTV (Video): LBS Bina Group – The people’s developer

StarPropertyTV interviews LBS’s leader Tan Sri Lim Hock San With a huge population to cater to, the supply of affordable housing has always been a point of contention for large cities. In 1997, Malaysia was not spared from the Asian financial crisis. It was then that LBS Bina Group managing director Tan Sri Lim Hock San…

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StarPropertyTV (Video): The challenges and opportunities for real estate agents

THE digital revolution has led to fierce disruption across various industries, most notably the transportation and hospitality industry. As for real estate, will technology be a friend or foe? Presently, one would only need a few clicks on their smartphones to obtain comprehensive information on anything property. Acknowledging this, are real estate agents (REAs) and…

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StarPropertyTV (Video): Turning failures into success

Most people consider success as going to a good school and achieving good results as the pathway to success. But once we step foot into the society, we would know there are abundant opportunities for people to achieve success in various field. The setbacks and failure could ultimately become the motivation and inspiration for one…

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