What’s in for 2018 from a feng shui perspective by Prof. Joe Choo

metd_az_2601_pg9_starproperty230118_aziah_1Contributed by Prof. Joe Choo (Feng Shui Consultant, Public Speaker, Trainer & Author)


When the year stem and root of 2018 combined, it produces a sound consonant which is wood.  According to Gua 9 which is fire, then the element of 5 Cycle 6 Forces is fire.  Therefore 2018 will be a very scorching hot weather.

The hexagram for 2018 is Gua 17 namely ‘Sui Gua’. It indicates that if you do everything with a flexible attitude and go with the flow, then the outcome will be positive and without bad fortune.  Being humble and blending in with the situation and the people around you will bring you supporters and followers to achieve great success in every task taken up.

The hexagram of Gua 17 is made up of two sets of trigram which are thunder at the bottom and swamp on top, this means earthquake will be a regular natural disaster in 2018.  From the outlook, the earthquake will happen in the northeast sector where Eastern Russia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Alaska and Western Canada fall at.

Malaysia didn’t experience haze in 2017, but the haze will be back in lunar month 5 and 6 this year.  A serious epidemic outbreak in lunar month 10, so be aware.

In a nutshell, Most of the countries are still enjoying a stable economic growth with minimum natural disasters.