Triple Honour for F3 Capital

Developer’s excellent standards earn recognition at the MLAA 2016

Selayang 18 and Dua Menjalara have both achieved Honour awards under the Contractor category

Selayang 18 and Dua Menjalara have both achieved Honour awards under the Contractor category


DEVELOPER F3 Capital Group has always focussed on its trademark of setting new lifestyle trends because of its understanding of property sentiments and visionary leadership.

The company has blossomed from a corporate and property consultation firm into a dynamic and forward-thinking investment group.

Aware of the need for innovation within the highly competitive property industry and its responsibility to stakeholders, F3 Capital has created development hotspots and set new benchmarks.

The company’s achievements stem from the stewardship of an elite team that seamlessly runs the operations while focussing on a number of projects at any given time and ensuring the highest standards of real estate quality.

Three of F3 Capital’s prestigious developments were given due recognition at the recent Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA) 2016 which highlighted these properties among other developments on Malaysia’s real estate map.

The Honour award within the Contractor category went to the Selayang 18 and Dua Menjalara developments, while an Excellence award within the Professional Design category was ascribed to the UNIV360 Place development.

The Selayang 18 and Dua Menjalara developments exhibit a mixture of unique design cues, such as urban and contemporary designs and green garden living concepts, despite being categorised as high-rise properties.

Unique to Dua Menjalara is a double-volume hanging garden feature and a mid-level observation deck. Located at levels 17 and 17A of the property, they boast panoramic views of the KLCC Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur city.

The uniqueness of Selayang 18 lies in its list of over 30 communal facilities solely for residents’ use.

UNIV360 Place covers four acres of prime estate within Taman Serdang Jaya. Upon arriving at this destination, you would be convinced as to the efforts that make this property stand out from the rest.

F3 Capital has implemented the indigenous biophilic theme in all the nooks of the UNIV360 Place property. This theme entails the merging of two separate design concepts, the first of which is indigenous design that involves applying local characteristics to a structure.

This is done by infusing accents of local culture, natural environment and local construction materials across a property to satisfy the needs of residents.

The other concept used at this Serdang Jaya property is biophilic design, which adopts green architecture features to reconnect high-rise urbanites with nature. The resulting structure evidently reduces pollution, mitigates stress and in due course improves the quality of life.

This is not the first year that F3 Capital has enjoyed accreditation by the MLAA – the developer received an Honour award under the Landscape Construction category for a commercial development established in Sri Gombak dubbed Urban 360.

As the group chief executive officer, Vignesh Naidu liked to say: “Green is the new black. It’s our signature development theme in all the projects we undertake”.

Through grit and innovation, F3 Capital crafts beautiful landscapes that will last for generations.


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