9 mistakes people do while selling their house

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Don’t make these mistakes if you want to close the deal quickly

SELLING your house takes more than putting up an ad or finding a property agent. If you want the quickest and best way to close a deal, don’t make the following mistakes.


Mistake 1
Neglecting to clean the house for viewing
First impression matters, especially when presenting your house to potential buyers. While it is reasonable to assume that most buyers will eventually do some renovation and cleaning up, you are not doing yourself any favours by “letting yourself go” – in this particular instance, “letting your house go”.

Remember, all the houses put up for sale in the market are competing with one another. Some of these houses have been renovated and cleaned up for viewing; those not tidied up will look less attractive in comparison.

Buyers may not consider a “dirty” house because it would take too much work to clean it up.

For house owners who keep pets, remember to clean the house and the compound. It would be a deal breaker if the potential buyer were to step on some droppings.


Mistake 2
Overdoing it when creating an atmosphere
A more diligent property agent may ask you to clean up the house and set up the surroundings to present a more attractive option for potential buyers. But don’t overdo it.

While scented candles may create a calm and serene atmosphere, buyers with sensitive noses may be turned off by the strong smell – and not all visitors will share your taste of music.

Just keep it clean and simple. Draw the curtains and make sure there is ample natural light.


Mistake 3
Putting up an outrageous price tag
Many sellers think that marking up the price will leave more room for bargaining when the buyer asks for a discount. But a price tag that is too high may be a mistake.

House hunters may not even bother to approach the seller for inquiries if the price is way out of their budget. Your house would then be on the market for a long time.

The longer your house carries the “for sale” sign, the easier for buyers to have doubts about the saleability of the property. In the end, you may have to sell at a much lower price.


Mistake 4
Bad picture quality when posting online
In the age of the Internet, most buyers will either look for a house online or at least do quick research at property websites. If the house looks run down or unattractive, they may not even bother to drive to the location to take a second look.

Don’t take pictures in low resolution, dim lighting or awkward angles. Such photos may put off the buyer. Use a good camera or hire a professional photographer.


Mistake 5
Inconveniences in house hunting
House hunting can be a complicated and tiring process, and hence it is in the interest of both parties that visiting the house should be as hassle-free as possible.

Most homebuyers, especially those who are seriously interested, would like to see the property as soon as possible. If the owner is always unavailable or keeps postponing the visit, the number of potential buyers will dwindle and the sale of the house will be delayed.


Mistake 6
Presenting the house while still renovating
Working on the presentation of the house is a good thing, but a half-hearted effort could do more harm than good. Seeing an empty room after viewing two or three well-kept rooms is off-putting to any buyer.
Mind your budget and go with simple renovations for each room if you don’t have the budget to “do it big”.


Mistake 7
Overlooking the pet factor
We love our pets. But sadly not everyone will think they are adorable.

You may be used to the fur and smell of your pets, but it is prudent to assume that your visitors are not like you. Some of them may even be allergic to your pets.

While having a pet is not necessarily a deal breaker, you should clean up and limit the presence of your pets while the “guests” are checking out the house.


Mistake 8
Showing a house that’s too ‘homey’
You are still living in the house, but that doesn’t mean you need to let the visitors know the exact details of your daily life.

A clean bathroom, toilet and kitchen are just the basics. You should avoid leaving your clothes all over the house, more so your underwear. A tidy house will go a long way when trying to impress the buyer.


Mistake 9
Too many unnecessary ‘guests’
No one likes to be distracted when making an important life decision. Buying a house is a huge investment, and most interested buyers would like to take their time in viewing the house and scouting the neighbourhood.

If you have tenants or family members in the house, potential buyers may feel uncomfortable about taking their time during the visit and disrupting other people’s daily routine.



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