Puzzled over ‘temporary structure’ in SS2, PJ

I WISH to highlight a matter happening at the vacant land in SS2 Commercial Square (in front of McDonald’s SS2), Petaling Jaya.

An almost-complete structure meant for a car-spraying business is spoiling the image of this booming neighbourhood.

Several parking bays along the road in front of this structure are reserved for the operator’s clients.

I am curious to know who has allowed the operator to build such an enormous structure meant to be located far away from residential areas.

 Now that construction is almost complete, red and white tapes are criss-crossed over the structure’s fence to halt the project.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has recently put up a signboard beside the structure, explaining that a company wanted to build a “temporary structure” for a tyre business and anyone who in unhappy with the project could write to the Petaling Jaya mayor.

It is absurd that this signboard was put up only when the structure is almost ready.

The authorities should know better that this project is polluting SS2 with hazardous chemicals and causing additional traffic jam.

It is wrong to take the law into your own hands, such as building without the necessary approvals.

Does this mean MBPJ has no objections to the operator’s project?

I hope StarMetro will carry out an investigation to help SS2 and its residents.

It is odd to see this happening – on one hand, MBPJ is promoting an environmentally- friendly project to turn food waste into organic fertiliser, but this project is contradicting the council’s green initiatives.


SS2, Petaling Jaya

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