Noisy construction riles up residents

A NOISY neighbouring construction site is causing havoc to the residents in Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang.

Retiree Wong Nak Tick, 65, realised this inconvenience after moving into his brand new three-storey bungalow in Taman Taming Indah 2.

“I have made a police report and written to Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) about this,” said Wong, who lodged the report in January followed by a complaint to the council in February.

In his complainte, he mentioned the rock blasting activities, usually taking place around noon, and the deafening noise and vibrations that could be heard as far as 12 houses away.

“Have they obtained proper permission to carry out blasting activities? By right, they must have warning sirens but I heard nothing prior to the blasts,” said Wong, who claimed that sandbags were not used at the site of this hilltop development. This resulted in mud flowing into the housing area during heavy rain due to soil erosion.

He also mentioned dust pollution and piling works continuing late into the night disturbing residents’ sleep.

Development administrator for Darul Majumas Loh Ing Hui, who is responsible for the high-rise development project beside Taman Taming Indah 2, said the company has apologised for any inconvenience caused.

“When construction started in mid 2017, we instructed our main contractor to take immediate action on residents’ complaints,” said Loh.

When the mud flowed into the roads of the housing area, Loh said workers were sent in immediately to clean up. Cracks and malfunctioning auto gates were also rectified.

“We have sat down with residents and MPKj to discuss this before and both parties have come to a compromise,” said Loh.

He said the company had also taken responsibility to upgrade a stretch of road along Jalan Sungai Long and instal traffic lights at the junction of Jalan Admiral Park and Jalan Sungai Long.

As the main grouse is the noise from construction work, Loh said measures such as netting and ensuring that the bulk of the work is scheduled during the day have been put into place.

“The noise factor is intensified because the site is located on top of a hill,” added Loh.

He said noise reduction experts said one way would be to encase the entire site under a net similar to those used in bird parks. But the project is 20 storeys high and a net system built this high may come with other safety issues.

“We have scheduled the project to be completed in three years, but we are hoping to expedite this so the residents will not have to suffer more.”

MPKj corporate communications head Kamarul Izlan Sulaiman confirmed that the council received and acted on Wong’s complaints.

“However, if he is not satisfied, he can write to us again and we will take action,” said Kamarul Izlan.



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