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S P Setia continues to shape projects that impress and inspire the industry

Lepironia Garden is named after a wetland plant native to the site, Lepironia apiculata.

Lepironia Garden is named after a wetland plant native to the site, Lepironia apiculata.

WITH decades of experience in building houses that nurture families, S P Setia has consistently delivered projects that impress and inspire while capturing award after award in several major competitions within the property industry.

Fresh off its multiple victories from Awards 2017, including The Cornerstone Excellence Award for Setia Eco Glades, Lepironia East Garden, S P Setia has once again bagged several awards in the Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards (MLAA) 2016 for its numerous developments.

The accolades include the favourite Setia Eco Glades, which won the Developer and GLC (Master Plan) Excellent Award, as well as Developer and GLC (Development) Excellent Award for its Charm of Nusantara project, as well as Landscape Master Plan and Professional Design Honour Award for its Lepironia Garden.

Besides that, Wetlands@Setia Alam North and Grassland Park and Oriental Garden at Setia EcoHill won the Developer and GLC (Development)’s Special Honour and Honour Awards respectively, while Setia Eco Cascadia bagged the Developer and GLC (Master Plan) Honour Award.

These honours demonstrate the achievement of S P Setia in the craft of realising beautiful landscape concepts.

Glades of stylish beauty

Located at the flourishing neighbourhood of Cyberjaya, Setia Eco Glades is a beautiful 268-acre development that is destined to be one of the treasured gems in the “Silicon Valley of Malaysia”.

Within the development stands the stylish Lepironia Garden, which provides reliable water filtration to keep plants and animals healthy.

The garden is named after a wetlands plant native to the site, Lepironia articulata, a slender reed that can prevent erosion by stabilising the base of ponds.

It acts as an agent that absorbs toxins and heavy metals in the water, purifying it while providing crucial shelter for small birds and fishes.

The Lepironia Garden is created to enhance the sense of peace, calm and tranquility in Setia Eco Glades. Residents will be able to meditate or do yoga on a floating deck surrounded by the eponymous Lepironia, or dangle their feet over the water’s edge while enjoying the soothing sound of a cascade.

Setia Eco Glades also offers the lovely Charm of Nusantara, which is inspired by the concept of an exotic Balinese lifestyle.

With an open verandah surrounded by lush greenery, family and friends will be able to socialise over the course of the day at an environment that perfectly merges the waterscape, tropical plants and Balinese elements which form the key creation of a tranquil Balinese garden.

To enhance the Balinese secret gardens and signature island atmosphere, waterspouts are placed around swimming pools and ponds, while plants like palms, lotus water lilies and jasmine flourish. The setting evokes balmy island nights. The result is a dreamy island paradise where shades of blue and hues of green stand out amid a backdrop of white sands.

The Lepironia Gardens are created to enhance the sense of peace, calm and tranquility in Setia Eco Glades.

The Lepironia Gardens are created to enhance the sense of peace, calm and tranquility in Setia Eco Glades.

Foothills of lush greenery

Other beautiful and distinct greenscapes crafted by the developer are the Grassland Park and Oriental Garden@Setia EcoHill, Semenyih.

Setia EcoHill is a 673.4-acre township designed to provide the ideal setting for a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and modern conveniences.

The development has a low density of 10 well-designed energy-efficient homes per acre spread out over 80 acres of parkland and green spaces. At the same time, it provides extensive facilities that promote sustainability.

The township sits on a former oil palm plantation that presented a maze of undulating peaks and snake-like waterways that slither through the foothills. The property must have posed a challenge to the planners.

Following an in-depth study, S P Setia managed to craft a practical use of the land while retaining its natural form and beauty.

Grassland Park and Oriental Garden have both been carefully planned and built to take into account the natural hilly path of the water flow from upstream to downstream. These waterways have been integrated into landscaped concept parks to enhance the ambiance.

The waterways provide relief from heat and pollution, and act as a buffer between the road and homes. The huge difference in water levels from hilltop to lower pond base is addressed with a dry creek concept of waterways integrated with weirs and plants to ensure the smooth passage of water while filtering and cleaning before it goes downstream.

The upper stream pond and lower stream lake are the two major parks formed with lush landscape gardens. Each has been planned to provide a unique interactive experience that will draw residents to the outdoors to enjoy the facilities.

Inside these pockets of green spaces are recreational spaces such as children’s playground, cycling track, outdoor gym equipment, foot reflexology paths, rest benches, bird cages and jogging track – all contributing to an eco-living environment.

Within Grassland Park, residents are provided with large and open space detailed with relaxing greenery. The park is injected with user-friendly amenities, so that children and adults can have their recreational activity while enjoying the scenery.

Large timber decks and dotting benches are provided for those who wish to use the park as a resting space.

The Oriental Garden subtly incorporates East-Asian elements through selected flora and artist sculptures, emanating a tone of grandeur and elegance. Homes nearby will be able to enjoy an exclusive resort view of the garden from the backyard of their homes.

The design concept inspires to bring Asian-centric landscape elements and nature to the community’s backdoor.

These breezeways work to create a green network that acts as a noise-reducing circuit. Planted with selected trees, the alley not only screens the surrounding houses but also attracts various migratory birds to the park.

An oriental-inspired bridge connects the walkways and brings park visitors close to the water body for them to feed the tortoises and fishes in the lake.

The Grassland Park is injected with user-friendly amenities.

The Grassland Park is injected with user-friendly amenities.

Reinvigorating the Wetlands

The Wetlands@Setia Alam North is another feat that successfully combines the organic entity with the residential development.

Determined to harness what nature has to offer, the developer weaves the natural elements into the DNA of the entire precinct including the residences and commercial area.
The result is a distinctive showcase of S P Setia’s “Live Learn, Work Play” philosophy.

Putting the Wetlands at the forefront of its master plan, the development of Setia Alam North transforms multiple oval-shaped water pockets into an exquisite ornamental land form.

The wetland flora make the water features an instantly recognisable point of reference for residents and visitors alike, while providing sanctuary for the migratory birds.

To promote a closer bond between community and nature, the Wetlands features native fruit trees, flowering plants, hiking trails and walkways that link the different pockets of water together.

Cascade of blue and green

Setia Eco Cascadia is a 272-acre mixed development that offers landed strata residential precincts, high-rise serviced residences and a commercial centre.

The name “Cascadia” symbolises the waterfall tributaries that drain into Sungai Tebrau and finally into the Straits of Johor. It also characterises the low-lying wetlands area which was retained and transformed into Waterfall Park and Metamorphosis Park.

With landscape planning no longer playing second fiddle in modern master planning, both parks serve as important elements of modern living.

Waterfall Park is crafted by weaving natural elements alongside urban living requirements, whereby Mother Nature is turned into a lifelong companion rather than into an unnecessary casualty.

The landscape, terrain and ecosystem for this development are in harmony with humanity and its environment.

Metamorphosis Park is a 15-acre park that reflects the life cycle of a butterfly. Through diligent designs and planning, the park has undergone a metamorphosis of its own.

The gated and guarded residential precincts of Foresta, Montana and Aurora are complemented by the cascade concept to reflect the uniqueness of the original topography.

Foresta has been given a fresh design that provides a sense of timeless beauty while Montana distinguishes itself by embodying modern geometrical concepts in its landscape design.

With these free-spirited jewels of nature, S P Setia is poised to attain another level of mastery in its developments that would serve as a heritage for generations to come.


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