Looking at the nation-building timeline

Learning about our nation’s development for us to move forward

By Tharmini Kenas tharmini@thestar.com.my

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NATION-BUILDING is a concept that focuses on the structure of the country and aims to deliver a national identity. Malaysians young and old have come together as a unified voice to rebuild their country; they have proven that strength lies in unity.

Building a sturdy house is no small feat. Similarly, growing a neighbourhood may take years before it bears fruit. And building a viable nation will take both tangible and intangible elements to establish a strong foundation. Public infrastructure, housing and community, as well as economic zones with strong commercial and industrial offerings are part and parcel of the nation-building process.


The cultivation of a good neighbourhood through housing developments can only be done if the well-being of the nation is at the heart of the matter. From seamless public transportation to world-class buildings, StarProperty.my explores and highlights Malaysia’s development through the years to relook at the country’s progress.

It’s a reminder that nation-building is a collective effort and there is no better time than the present for everyone to contribute to a new Malaysia.

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