KPKT’s blacklists

Do a background check at KPKT website

DEVELOPING a housing project is no easy task. For every impressive building that stands tall on a successful development, there is a number of projects that have not been able to fulfil their promises due to a number of reasons.

For homebuyers, a broken promise in a development can cause devastating financial and psychological impact on them and their families, hence it is necessary to be prudent while committing to such a big-ticket purchase.

At the very least, do a background check at the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) website, and see if the developer has faced any problems in their projects.

Visit for the complete lists.

KPKT’s blacklists include:

1. List of developers with abandoned projects 

2. List of developers who failed to settle compound payment 

3. List of developers with “Projek Sakit” 
** Projek sakit: KPKT defines as project that’s 30% delayed in its onsite work or beyond the stipulated date of completion as stated in the sale and purchase agreement.

4. List of developers without license 

5. List of developers that didn’t honor TTPR (Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims) award 



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