How to tell if you’re in need of a new real estate agent

Buying a home is the largest purchase that most of us will ever make. The size of the investment will have a tremendous impact on your lifestyle, so it’s crucial to work with trusted professionals. Even in the era of Zillow and Redfin, the need has never been greater for experienced real estate agents with the knowledge and skill set to help you navigate the process of becoming a homeowner.

Given the number of real estate agents vying for your business, the process of selecting one can become just as complicated as buying a home. But the first choice isn’t always the best – you may develop a sneaking suspicion that you have selected an agent who isn’t the right fit for you. Once you have invested resources that can’t be recovered, it’s rational to focus on the future.

So how can you tell when you’re working with the wrong real estate agent? It may simply be a vague feeling you get in your gut that it’s not the right fit. But there are other red flags you may want to watch out for.

Their Marketing Efforts Reek of Desperation – Real estate is a competitive market. Agents need to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd.

But if you have the sense that they’re investing far more energy into promoting their brand through stunts and gimmicks rather than delivering value for their clients, it should be a clear warning sign.

(Consider the real estate agent in the 2009 comedy “I Love You, Man” who found a marketing niche by promoting himself on urinal cakes…definite red flag!) The best marketing possible is rooted in concrete results that generate authentic client testimonials.If you’re embarrassed when you see your agent’s promotions around town, it may be time to consider a change.

Lack of Communication – The only thing worse than being “ghosted” by that cute date you went out with last week is when your real estate agent treats you the same way.

Your agent should be serving as your advocate in the marketplace – and that requires staying in close communication.

This could include proactively identifying opportunities for you – not merely responding to your inquiries.If you feel that you’re getting the cold shoulder and only encountering radio silence when you have questions, it may be time to make a clean break.

Aggressively Pushing You into Making Decisions – On the flip side of the coin, your real estate agent should be patient with your preferences and timeline.

Plenty of customers have horror stories of feeling browbeaten by their agents into making a snap decision they weren’t comfortable with.

A quality real estate agent isn’t going to push you into choosing before you are fully ready. They will also be patient with the multitude of questions you’re going to have.When you begin to feel as though your agent only sees you as a transaction to be closed – and not a person making a significant life choice – it could be time to show them the door.

Displaying Shallow Expertise – Given how many agents live and breathe the real estate industry with a passion, you shouldn’t settle for someone that is going through the motions.

If you continually find that your agent is unable to add value to your conversations or speak knowledgeably about trends in your targeted market, rest assured that you should be able to find a passionate competitor who can.

Fails to Listen to Your Goals – The best real estate agents are in the relationship-building business – they understand what you’re looking to gain from your purchase because they have listened to you.

Does your agent continue to spam you daily with automated listings that don’t correspond to your preferences or price range?

Do they continue to try to sell you on the idea of a suburban tract home when you’ve explicitly said that you prefer condo living in the city?

If so, it may be time to find a new agent.

Most of us expect the highest quality possible from our doctors or our child’s teachers. We should accept no less from our real estate agents.

It can be tough to admit that it’s time for a course correction – but you will find much greater peace of mind over the long run knowing that you are in the capable hands of the right professional.

About RedZone Realty Group: RedZone Realty co-founders Jason Babin and Kyle Bosworth are taking the same intrinsic approach for preparation, teamwork, loyalty, and passion they had for NFL football and putting their industry forward concept into their real estate brokerage. Their team of Jacksonville Real Estate Agents is unmatched in the area.

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