Letter: Frustrated with MPAJ

I LIVE in Ampang, opposite Ampang Point. I wish to award the Worst Municipal Council Award to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

My written complaints and suggestions to MPAJ for redress have gone unacknowledged and unattended.

The council has approved six kindergartens in a half-mile radius within a residential area, which has created a traffic nightmare.

It is like squeezing 50 people into a small car.

MPAJ has also approved several used-car dealerships in the very same half-mile radius, rendering a formerly clean and quiet residential area into a mess. An example is Jalan Chan Sow Lin 2.

This is zero planning on the council’s part. Licences are issued with scant regard for the well-being of ratepayers.

MPAJ does not seem to enforce any traffic or public cleanliness guidelines at Ampang Point commercial centre and the narrow but busy Jalan Ampang Utama that leads to a fairly large residential community.

The council has permitted two monstrous billboards, which add to the number of eyesores and health hazards in the commercial area.

Double-parking is permitted along Jalan Ampang Utama and irresponsible taxi drivers in front of the mall terrorise individual motorists dropping off or picking up their friends or family members.

MPAJ needs to start listening to public complaints and the suggestions offered.


Fed up


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