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BÖN Estates raises the real estate bar by going beyond shell and core with their homes

Goh believes that the practice of meritocracy and open discussion is well-received by the members of his organisation.

Goh believes that the practice of meritocracy and open discussion is well-received by the members of his organisation.

BÖN, a tibetan culture that celebrates unity of the five core elements of life – fire, earth, water, metal and wood.

Holding true to this principle, BÖN Estates managing director Goh Soo Sing believes in constantly taking the middle path and approaching all endeavours in a well-balanced manner.

Born and bred in a family that has a history in the business of real estate and construction, Goh was exposed to the nitty gritty of this industry at a tender age and saw his passion for building homes grew.

Although his family did not plan to groom him for this role, Goh’s heart stayed close to the business even when he entered the banking sector after studying finance in Britain. To Goh, real estate has limitless potential.

“Real estate is so dynamic, it involves so many exciting components such as arts, science, engineering and innovative marketing.

“A well-designed home can influence people’s quality of life and thinking. Even a creative working space has proven to improve inter-company relationship.

“New ideas and concepts are constantly flowing into the industry, such as co-working space and co-living space. This excites me,” Goh added.

Old guard, new guard

In 2009, BÖN Estates (then known as PPM Realty Sdn Bhd) was conceived to focus on boutique developments.

Although the company was financially backed by the family, this offshoot was altogether a separate venture under a different leadership.

Holding the post of managing director at the young age of 26, Goh acknowledged that there were initial challenges when bearing a responsibility of such magnitude, though it was neither due to him being inexperienced or lacking will.

“From the get go, I set high expectations and I wanted to lead by example but it was not easy to get the old guard to buy into new ideas.

“Ultimately, it was all about perseverance and staying true to your core values. If you are honest and genuine in what you do, people will eventually buy into your effort,” he said.

To transform his company, Goh brought in younger members into the management team for fresh ideas and perspectives. And he attributed BÖN Estates’ successful endeavor in bridging the gap between youths and seniors to the management team.

“We have to stay relevant and understand the needs of consumers to know our target market. There is no better way to learn about the younger generation’s needs than learning directly from them.

“Having said that, I also needed young people who could adapt to different people and show respect to the senior members.

“At BÖN Estates, we try to harness a culture of humility and continuous learning. We built a platform for young people to grow through direct mentorship with the seniors,” Goh explained.

BÖN Estates's flagship development, The Estate, a luxurious boutique home in South Bangsar.

BÖN Estates’s flagship development, The Estate, a luxurious boutique home in South Bangsar.

Starting with the end in mind

BÖN Estates has been undaunted by the softening market and rolled out their flagship development, The Estate – a luxurious boutique home in South Bangsar.

The bold move to go against the grain paid huge dividend as The Estate experienced phenomenal success.

Goh believes that starting with the end in mind is the secret behind their accomplishments.

“From the beginning we envisioned the type of residents who are suitable for The Estate. At Bangsar, the houses sit on separate ends of the spectrum.

“On one side you have the extremely high-end homes, and on the other you have the smaller-size investment products.

“We saw a gap in the middle for family-size units or upgrader homes. We proceeded to conduct a comprehensive study on the feasibility of the product based on the demand and supply within the area, income levels and lifestyle needs,” he said.

BÖN Estate’s desire to differentiate themselves can be witnessed through their meticulous attention to detail, including the design, quality of materials and the overall long-term sustainability of their homes.

“We take things one step at a time at BÖN Estates and we are very involved in every stage of the development.

“We choose to work closely with architects and designers who hold the same values as the organisation in order to ensure our customers’ expectations are met,” Goh stressed.

Targeting the next generation

BÖN Estates next project is located in Mont Kiara and will target younger folks in search of their first home.

Recognising that building homes today goes beyond the shell and core, Goh said BÖN Estates does its utmost to provide space-crafted living and a curated lifestyle in the spirit of their tagline “Living, well-crafted.”

In their quest to grasp the likings of the next generation, Bon Estates will be hosting their first collaborative development initiative at APW Bangsar from July 21 to 23 (Friday to Sunday).

If you are a young person who has a dream house in mind, join this unique social event to express your ideas and contribute to the next trend of holistic living.


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