Cosy and affordable living in Canopy Hills

New development by Land Pacific aims at first-time home buyers


For first-time home buyers, purchasing their dream home can be a daunting task, considering that pricing, location, amenities and financing are some of the critical aspects to think about before buying their first property.

To acquire a home in Klang Valley, in particular, is a pretty tricky affair with many developments priced beyond the RM350,000 mark, narrowing the number of choices for first-time home buyers looking below that range.

In Kajang, however, there is one particular development that is not only reasonably priced but is also located within the matured township and fitted with modern amenities that meet the lifestyle demands of residents.

Canopy Hills by Land Pacific in Kajang 2 ticks all the right boxes with 38 types of facilities such as grand drop-off lobby, jogging track, a childcare centre and a herb garden, nestled within the heart of Klang Valley.

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Designed for the health conscious, the development features three main gym equipment areas including outdoor, indoor and aqua gym.

Family and friends can also enjoy other facilities that encourage interaction such as a futsal court, half basketball court, badminton court, jogging track and a larger-than-Olympic swimming pool.

The reading room and hammock garden creates a calming environment while Canopy Hills’ sky deck and four BBQ pits are great for get-together with loved ones.

With a gross development value (GDV) of RM440mil, It is priced from RM230,000 with the price per sq ft of RM395. Designed by award-winning Hong Kong architecture firm, HPA, Canopy Hills is a residential high rise with a lifestyle Soho concept designed for young professionals and budding families.

The development of 5.62 acres with 1,589 units comes with three different layout types – garden, intermediate and corner with a built-up size of 590 sq ft. The effective layout of the homes are fitted with one bedroom and bathroom for all units, with flexibility that allows residents to renovate it into two rooms.

Convenience is the central aspect of the development with the ease of travel and public transportation being the focal point.

Easy access through the Kajang Silk highway, apart from the accessibility of public transport via  the Kajang 2 KTM station and Kajang MRT Station makes the development highly appealing.

Situated in the vicinity of a matured suburban township of Klang Valley, residents will get to experience the familiarity of the old established township apart from the commercial retail area. Convenience stores, cafe, launderette and F&B outlets are within reach.

As for education, Canopy Hills is also closely located to many renowned institutions such as Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), German Malaysian Insitute (GMI), Rafflesia International school as well as a private school and SJK (C) Kajang 2.

The landscaping of the development is taken care by renowned landscape architecture firm.

Canopy Hills Tower A was launched in April this year and it has been fully sold with overwhelming response whilst Tower B is now open for sale. This development is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2022.