Bukit Gasing temple trustees urge MBPJ to wait for legal remedy

THE Board of Trustees for the Sivan Temple in Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya has appealed to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to exercise discretion and not demolish the temple as stated in a magistrate’s court order.

Lawyer M. Vinayagam, Sivan Temple Board of Trustees chairman Datin Seri Indrani Samy Vellu, secretary K. Sumathy and treasurer Ramasamy Rajagopal met with Mayor Datin Paduka Alinah Ahmad and MBPJ councillors after the council’s full board meeting yesterday to discuss the matter.

Vinayagam later told the press that the trustees had appealed to MBPJ to wait until a legal remedy was found.

MBPJ obtained the court order to demolish the temple after a council report recommended it to be torn down as it posed an imminent danger to people’s lives and properties in the surrounding area.

“It is an ongoing case and we want time to sort out the problems. The trustees took remedial measures to strengthen the slopes and are now awaiting a court order to allow them to carry on with the works,” he said.

“We also informed MBPJ that the court order was not served to the Board of Trustees and as such, invalid,” he said.

Meanwhile, Alinah said the demolition was to ensure public safety.

“Our stand is neutral. We understand it is a sensitive issue as it involves a place of worship. After obtaining the demolition order, we left the demoliton works to the temple committee. Now, we have another problem as the trustees are asking for time to resolve the problem,” she said, adding that she feared the rainy spell would cause untoward incidents.

Councillor Derek Fernandez said the council must make a wise decision as it involved public safety.

On Monday, StarMetro had quoted Alinah as saying that based on a council report, the temple building was in danger of collapsing as further rains could weaken the soil strength.

She had said a slope failure could trigger a major landslide that would see earth coming down on Jalan 5/60, close to Fraser Towers apartments.


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