Best@Shah Alam is coming to town!

Best@Shah Alam is soon to be live, and the “City of Roundabouts” is here to present the heritage and fine arts of Islamic influence. Replacing Kuala Lumpur as the capital city of Selangor, Shah Alam was named after the late Sultan Alam Shah. Like its namesake, a city that adopts the name of a Sultan is sure to exhibit certain traits that make it a king among others.

Looming above other structures and developments, the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque, commonly known as The Blue Mosque, is the largest mosque in Malaysia and among the largest in Southeast Asia. If the prospect of fine architecture does not compel, then the Garden of Islamic Arts will do the trick. Spanning 14 hectares, its exhibition of Islamic calligraphy, paintings and architecture echoes the wisdom of the ages.

There are many other wonderful and exciting things lying about in Shah Alam, awaiting a curious soul to traverse the length and breadth of the place. From parks, jungle obstacles course, horse-riding and gastronomic delights, Shah Alam has them all.

Our Best@ team shall place this area into the spotlight, bringing out its innate charm to the forefront. Don’t miss out on our Best@Shah Alam print edition coming to you in The Star newspaper on August 29 (Wednesday).

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