Automatic boom gates are against the law, committee tells RA

By Priya Menon |
Photos by Raja Faisal Hishan

MBPJ’s Safe City committee has asked the Winchester Residents’ Association Ara Damansara to leave the boom gates up from 6am to midnight.

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has asked residents of Winchester Ara Damansara to manually open their automatic boom gates to comply with the law.

Although the Winchester Residents’ Association (WRA) Ara Damansara has employed state-of-the-art technology for the boom gates in Jalan PJU1A/43A and Jalan PJU1A/43B, the council’s Safe City Committee said only manual gates were allowed.

A committee consisting of MBPJ Planning Department officers, councillor Khairul Anuar, police and Fire and Rescue Department personnel have asked residents to leave the boom gates up during the day, from 6am to midnight.

WRA chairman Tee Guan Huat said most of MBPJ’s suggestions were outdated.

“We have automatic boom gates with guards at the posts. We also allow non-subscribing residents and visitors to come in as well,” he said.

The committee has also requested that guards at the barrier gate in Jalan PJU1A/43E allow free flow of traffic following complaints from residents staying in front of the barricade.

Since the gated-and-guarded scheme was introduced two years ago, Tee said the crime rate in the area had significantly reduced.

He said the area had previously been known for smash and grab, snatch thefts and vandalism.

“The police told us they do not have enough personnel to monitor our area. Can anybody guarantee our security if we leave the boom gates open from 6am to midnight?” Tee questioned.

WRA treasurer Caswin Lim described as impractical MBPJ’s suggestion that residents play an active role in providing security.

“We have to work, which is why we have found a way to help increase security. But they say we should conduct our own 24-hour patrols,” she said.

Tee said residents did not want to jeopardisetheir security based on MBPJ’s “outdated” guidelines.

“They should invite RA representatives into their committee to understand the needs of residents,” he said.

He added that the RA would be sending in an application with supporting documents, including police reports and statistics of crime in the area, to back its claim.

Ensuring compliance: MBPJ Safe City Committee representatives inspecting the barricade in Jalan PJU1A/43E.

Khairul said the officers were agreeable to the points of entry chosen by the residents but stressed that the gates should be left open during the day.

“We are trying our best to assist the residents in keeping their area secure,” he added.

The inspection is part of MBPJ’s efforts to ensure gated-and-guarded schemes in housing estates comply with guidelines. The committee had earlier visited four other residential areas including Kelana Jaya

StarMetro has learnt that there are 181 residential areas with guard booths in Petaling Jaya, designed to restrict access and monitor visitors.



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