Ask Me Anything:Tips for property investment in 2019

Compiled by: Tharmini Kenas & Aiza Akmaliah

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Total Realty head of marketing Dr. Kho Chng Guan answers readers’ queries regarding property investment in 2019. 


Q1: How will the recent moves from the new government affect the investor market in the upcoming year?

A1: Look for places that are more mature. New projects in a matured area will create a lot of good opportunities. It is wise to invest in properties near public transportation and education facilities. Although the recent moves might make you cautious, do not worry. You will need to look for agents who can introduce and recommend properties to invest in.

Q2: Which segment do you think would be the best to invest in right now? Is it new property or sub-sale property?

A2: Both new properties and sub-sale properties have their pros and cons. I have focused on sub-sale properties for more than 13 years, and I know that sub-sale properties certainly have some advantages.

There is no hidden information when it comes to sub-sale property. You can see all the aspects and details. But the issue is, sub-sale properties require a large down payment. You might also have to take in the renovation cost.  

When it comes to new projects, often completed units come with good packages from developers. Some absorb the lawyer fee and the loan agreement fee which may save you a lot of money.

In short, it is entirely up to you since there are pros and cons in both types of properties.


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