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Translated by Ng Pau Ling

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February Inquiries: 

Q 1: I’m a non-bumiputra buyer looking for second-hand property and prefer a non-bumi lot because a bumi-title usually takes longer and more complicated to transfer the ownership. According to my property agent, there is no bumi-reserved unit for freehold property. Is this true?

A 1: No. A bumi-lot is the property unit exclusive to bumiputra buyers. In Malaysia, there are bumi-reserved units for both freehold and leasehold property. To know more about the land title of the property, you can purchase a copy of Land Search Report from the land office. Are you allowed to renovate your condo?

Q 2: I own a condo and plan to remodel the balcony to suit my home design. Who should I ask permission before I start renovation?

A 2: The high-rise or condo resident should obtain permission from the Joint Management Body (JMB) or Management Corporation (MC) before doing any renovation. JMB or MC reserves the right to reject the application if the remodelling works are deemed to negatively affect the building’s appearance or environment after undergoing an evaluation. Use of common area in a government flat

Q 3: I live in a low-cost government flat. As the resident of the building, can I put household items, shoe rack or bicycle in the stairwell or corridor?

A 3: According to Strata Management (Maintenance and Management) Regulations 2015 Third Schedule Section 20 (1) and (2), all fire escape routes including stairway, landings and passageways in the building or the common property shall not be obstructed by the proprietor at any time. The MC may remove or confiscate any property of a proprietor without prior notice. Besides, a penalty not exceeding RM200 will be implemented if the proprietor goes against the law. However, most low-cost flats are in poor condition because of the absence of a management body to enforce the rules and regulations. How to extend real estate ownership to your spouse

Q 4: I just got married and would like to add my wife’s name to the house deed. May I know the legal process and cost involved?

A 4: If the said property is still servicing the mortgage, you can only add your wife’s name to the house title once the loan balance is paid off. If the loan is settled, sign the Memorandum of Transfer (Form 14A) to transfer or share the house ownership. A RM10 stamp duty will be charged to process the extension of ownership.

*This article was first published on Property Trends and answered by Chur Associates founder and managing partner Chris Tan.

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