Ask Me Anything: Are you buying a property? Don’t make this mistake!

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It is common for buyers to look over some cracks or leakages in the subsale or new property. But, it is unwise to do so. This week, Canaan Building Inspection Sdn Bhd project director Sr Joshua Kang deals with readers’ questions regarding building inspection.

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It is the responsibility and the right of the house buyer to conduct a building inspection

Q1: What are the issues/aspects to give attention to when buying subsale property?

A1: The building inspection for a subsale property is vastly different from that of a new property. A subsale property has been in the market and used by the previous owner. Hence, it is subjected to wear and tear. You have to make sure the structure is strong and steady, and the property is safe to be occupied. Keep an eye for the mechanical and electrical fittings, signs of water leakage, and piping.

Q2: What should I do if I find defects in my new house?

A2: It is the responsibility and the right of the house buyer to conduct building inspection. When the developer passes the defect form, it is crucial that the buyer performs the building inspection, make the necessary complaints and submit the form to the developer.

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