Ask Me Anything: How much does building inspection cost?

Getting to know Building Inspection

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This week, Canaan Building Inspection Sdn Bhd project director Sr Joshua Kang deals with readers’ questions regarding building inspection.

Q1: How much does building inspection cost? 

A1: In Klang Valley, the cost of building inspection for new property is RM850 for a 1000 sq ft space while for subsale property the cost is RM650 for a 1000 sq ft space. The cost highly depends on location, type, and size of the property.

Q2: What are the areas covered during a regular building inspection?

A2: The areas covered during a building inspection include structural, mechanical and electrical, architectural, and external works.

Q3: Can you explain about the standard procedure for building inspection?

A3: When carrying out building inspection, there is a specific formula to adhere to. As a purchaser, you can use this formula to carry out the inspection. The formula is called ‘6 + 1’. The number 6 refers to floor, wall, ceiling, door, window, fixture. While the number 1 refers to the mechanical and electrical fittings.

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