Looking for ways to boost your income?


Generating extra money is something that can change your life. Side income can improve many areas of your life such as reducing debt or creating more opportunities for vacation.

1) Blogging

Earning an income through blogging is not something new. You will have the freedom of being a digital nomad. With increasingly easy internet access, starting a blog is more accessible, however, your challenge would be to stand out from the rest of the blogs out there.

2) Coaching

If you have enough experience in your field to train others in their careers, then advertise your services. You can teach those who are interested during the weekend or at night after working hours.

3) Tutoring

You can make good money as a tutor and it’s a perfect business to start from home. Whether you are an expert in Science, English, Maths just to name a few, you will get the satisfaction of helping students while setting your own hours and rates.

4) Become a driver

You can increase your income by becoming a driver. You can sign up for one of the ride-hailing services such as Uber or Grab in Malaysia. The hours are flexible and you can drive in your own time after returning from work or at leisure.

5) Sell your clothes

Do you have too many clothes that you do not use? If you hardly wear them, you can earn extra cash by selling them. You sell them on various apps like Mudah.com, Instagram or Facebook.

6) Rent out your house

If you live in your own home and have an empty room, you can rent it to those who are interested.  If you work overseas or in a different state, you can rent out your home until the day you return home. Your rental income will be high if your home is located in a strategic area. You can use apps like iBilik.com or Mudah.com to advertise your room or house.

7) Sell your photos online

If you take great photos, there are several ways to make money online from your pictures and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people make money by building a popular online photo portfolio and selling ad space next to it. Another way is to sell your photos for use on items such as cups and calendars just to name a few.

There are many websites dedicated to buying and selling stock photography online such as Shopify.com.

8) Sell your used books

If you have books that you are no longer reading, there is cash to be made here.  You can sell them on Carousel or Bookup.my.


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