Tips to achieve GOOD home Feng Shui in 2019 by Master Kenny Hoo


Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui®

2019 is dubbed as “The Year of Integration” (整合年) by Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui®, based on the annual BaZi chart and Gua analysis.

“This year, people are talking about one vision and togetherness. We will enter a new sentiment and see more new systems being implemented in 2019,” said Hoo.

Organised by AkzoNobel Malaysia, Hoo shared the home Feng Shui insights to make 2019 a year of prosperity and joy.


1 > Spring cleaning
A neat and tidy house is a lucky house. Clean your home thoroughly at the beginning of the year. Not only will it benefit health and wellness, but also offers greater efficiency and relaxation in everyday life.

“From a Feng Shui perspective, declutter to throw away unwanted stuff helps to free up more space to welcome the positive Qi,” said Hoo.



2 > The Scholastic Star in the North
The Scholastic Star (文昌星) is located in the North starting from 4 Feb 2019. Modifying the North area in the house and office into a study, brainstorming or discussion zone could enhance creativity and innovation.

“This will smoothen the learning process, thus helping students to achieve higher academic results,” said Hoo.

He also added that the homeowner could add some blue and green colours or decorative items in the North part as a boost for Scholastic Qi.

Besides, keep the study space clean and bright. “Placing four pieces of green bamboo in a vase with water in the North direction would trigger the Scholastic Star,” said Hoo.



3 > No renovation in Southwest and Northeast
Avoid renovation works on the Southwest and Northeast in this lunar year. Referring to the flying star chart 2019, the inauspicious stars of Five Yellow and Two Black will fly to these two directions this year.

“These are the ominous stars in charge of illness, pain and accident. Any improper layouts in these areas will cause disasters and illness to family members,” said Hoo.



4 > Earth element is the key
Earth is the most favourable element in 2019, and it plays an influential role as a mediator to integrate the good forces and elements in this lunar year.

“In the home design, imply more amber earth tone or decoration (e.g. Dulux’s Spiced Honey: click to read how to use the colour) in the South and centre direction to boost for luck and energy levels,” said Hoo.

The earth tone will stimulate better wealth and career luck, as well as attract more noble people and supporters.

However, he mentioned that the amber earth tone is not suitable to be painted in the Southwest direction this year.