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 Design your home with inspirations and ideas from celebrities.

StarProperty Sdn Bhd assistant general manager Ernest Towle moderating the celebrity chat on 'Inspiring Homes' with celebrities (from L-R) Vanessa Chong, Aishah Sinclair and Jason Godfrey.

StarProperty Sdn Bhd assistant general manager Ernest Towle moderating the celebrity chat on ‘Inspiring Homes’ with celebrities (from L-R) Vanessa Chong, Aishah Sinclair and Jason Godfrey.



WHEN you think about celebrities, you immediately associate them with extravagant mansions and luxurious brands, but little did we know that most of them are just like us. Some celebrities do live in modest homes, and more celebrities go home to simple, contemporary and pleasant interior design solutions.

During the recently concluded Fair in KL Convention Centre, in collaboration with Life Inspired, hosted a chat with popular celebrities Aishah Sinclair, Jason Godfrey and Vanessa Chong.

Sharing their views and preferences on properties, they describe what makes their interior spaces unique, practical and inspiring.

There are a variety of places that you can go to to shop for quirky decor pieces, from a family favourite store such as Ikea to big names like Authenteak and Nordic Nest. If you are looking for interior design ideas, there’s no better place to start than with the homes of your favourite celebrities. Here are four inspiring ideas to transform your space.

1. Decorating theme
Enhance the interior of your home with a style or theme that suits your tastes perfectly, such as nautical, vintage, classic, retro or contemporary. One of the best ways to get a unique theme is to use nature for inspiration.

Local darling TV personality, radio presenter and emcee Sinclair has incorporated Scandinavian-inspired interiors where she matches wooden flooring with a very light shade of blue, almost grey walls, and a lot of white and wood furniture. The reason why she adores the Scandinavian design is because it is a fine example of reflecting what is on the outside into your home.

According to Sinclair, in Scandinavian countries, especially during the winter, it is very cold. The image of winter is reflected into the clean designed furniture, as well as the colours that they have chosen.

2. Perfect paint colour
Selecting the right paint colour is essential when finding the colours that suit your theme. You should take advantage of the different paint selections to get the perfect paint colour for every room in your house.

If you are inspired by the Scandinavian design like Sinclair, then opt for a muted Scandinavian paint palette such as vaporous blues, soft greys and milky whites. These colours are usually seen everywhere in Scandinavian interiors.

If you’re looking to create a more cosy and inviting atmosphere, especially in the living area, then you might want to consider any one of these warm colour schemes. Using a mix of red, yellow and orange hues to create a living space that warms the heart.

Whatever you decide on, remember to opt for something that would suit your mood.

3. Unique home furnishings
Buying quality furniture sets is the key to keeping them for a long time; well, long enough before you decide to change again.

Popular TV personality, emcee and producer Vanessa Chong mentioned how she loves her walk-in wardrobe as it is something that she has always wanted.

Since the house that she and her husband is living in does not come with a walk-in wardrobe attached to the master bedroom, she decided to create one of her own. By dividing her long bedroom into half with a dry wall, she was able to get the wardrobe of her dreams.

She also has a few teak units, such as her TV table, shelf and divider, which are very durable. In addition to that, she recently changed the flooring outside of her house to timber decking, and that just made a huge difference as it gave the house a very resort-like feel.

Meanwhile, Sinclair is really fond of her antique dresser, one of her favourite furnishings in the house. She acquired the dresser from her mother, and it could be at least 130 years old. She really likes the combination of old and new items in her house right now.

Her advice is it doesn’t matter where you buy your furniture from, but it is how you put together and what you use to accentuate it and accessorise to make it yours.

4. Dazzling decor pieces and wall decal
Different forms of art pieces can help tie a room together. When you browse through a catalogue to find the right style and decoration pieces for your home, try to find a piece that you may be able to put your own personal twist.

Well-known TV personality, actor-model Godfrey leaves the interior decorating process in the capable hands of his girlfriend, who is an interior designer. She likes fun pieces that add some unexpected colour to a place as it makes things more vibrant and fun.

For instance, one day, he came home to a lime green carpet that looks like it is made of grass in the middle of the living area. Despite being sceptical at first, he soon felt that the carpet brought the entire living space together.

Another thing that his girlfriend likes to include is wall decals. Decorating with wall decals is the easiest and fastest way to express creativity on regular walls.

There are many inspiring and styling ways to inject new life into your home. Spaces should stand out, but at the same time also be comfortable and liveable. It is important to find a concept that works with the space that you want to revive, and realise that the interior design of your home should reflect your personality and complement your home.

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