Cheesie’s home


By Melisa Ng | June 5, 2012
Photographs by V from the Muzes

Cheesie’s home


Blogging is a full-time job for Cheesie.

If you’re familiar with the Malaysian blogosphere, you’ve probably heard of Cheesie.

Blogging for over six years, Cheesie has risen to fame as one of Malaysia’s top bloggers and has since made blogging a full-time career. Her blog Cheeserland attracts more than 10,000 visitors per day, with posts related to fashion and travel.

“As a blogger, one of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel, meet new people and experience a lot of new things,” said Cheesie, who is in her 20s. “I am quite fortunate to be able to make a living out of my passion,” said the journalism graduate from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

“Most bloggers do not start with the intention of making money. When I first started blogging in 2004, it was more like an online journal for me, where I blogged about my life. Slowly, I found a niche that appealed to people,” she added.

Last year, Cheesie won Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 for the Best Fashion Blog. “I was really surprised that I won because my competitors were from Australia, the Philippines and Thailand. They are all niche bloggers as they only blog about fashion. But for me, it’s a mix of lifestyle trends related to fashion and travel,” said Cheesie.

She is also the ambassador for a range of Japanese colour contact lenses known as Rainbow Colour.

The transparent shoe cabinet.

The Seremban-born lass is certainly hands-on in decorating her 76sq m (821sq ft) condominium unit in Damansara, Petaling Jaya. The decorating scheme involves pastel colours and eclectic accessories. “I spent about RM15,000 to decorate my home. I kept the budget to a minimum by reusing my old mattress and sofa. Whenever I have extra money, I will add new furniture and light furnishings. The kitchen cabinets and wardrobe came with the condo unit.

“It’s a small and cosy home – suitable for someone who’s staying alone like me. The design was quite different back when I first bought it in 2008. I like girly, flowery designs. For the living room and common area, I’ve kept it simple and clean. I also like the English cottage concept in my master bedroom,” said Cheesie.

At the condo entrance, a transparent shoe cabinet vies for attention. “This is actually a book cabinet. I have been looking for a shoe cabinet for the longest time. The normal shoe rack or cabinet can only fit about 10 to 15 pairs. Finally, I found one that I really like at Ikea. I love the design and it’s affordable too – about RM700,” pointed out Cheesie, who has more than 40 pairs of shoes.

One of the unique items in her bedroom is a fan. “I was looking for a fan that could match my bedroom theme. It’s very hard to get a fan that matches the English style. Most people will choose not to have a fan because it would cheapen the whole look but I had no choice as I have sinus problem. When I saw this, I thought it was a light fixture – but the sales personnel told me it was a fan. I thought it was quite cute and it was only RM300,” said Cheesie.

Plush toys and floral wallpaper can be seen in the master bedroom.

“I love this location because it is convenient. Petaling Jaya is easily accessible and there are many public amenities such as banks, F&B outlets and the post office nearby.

“Actually, I sold my car to buy this home because I don’t really need a car since I work at home. So therefore, this location is quite ideal. There’s a shopping mall nearby – I can just walk over to shop for grocery or have my meals,” pointed out Cheesie.

Biggest achievement
“I bought this unit for RM248,000 in 2008. At that time, the property prices were increasing and there weren’t as many developments compared now. I consider myself quite lucky as there were very few units left and this unit was actually reserved. The initial buyer’s loan was rejected, therefore, the developer called me and asked if I wanted it. So, I bought it without any hesitation,” said Cheesie.

Cheesie’s workstation.

“Buying this condominium unit is probably the biggest achievement I’ve ever done, so far. Before I moved to this place, my life was quite chaotic because I was living like a nomad – I used to live in Wangsa Maju, Kota Damansara and Sungai Besi. When I finally bought this house, I felt I finally settled down. It feels good,” she added.

Property investment
Investing in something that is tangible, where the value will appreciate is what Cheesie has in mind. However, she knows that investing in property doesn’t come cheap.

“Well, sometimes it’s not all about the money. You also need to have enough knowledge before investing in a particular property. You need to know and understand the procedure of purchasing a property,” explained Cheesie.

“One should look for a property surrounded by public amenities and conveniences. Nearby shopping malls would be a plus point,” advised Cheesie.

When asked about her dream home, Cheesie replied, “A simple, single-storey house with a huge garden so that my dogs can run around.”

Cheesie posing with geishas in Japan.


Besides blogging, Cheesie loves travelling. Her favourite destination? Japan.

“I really love Japan – the fashion, the culture, and the people. I’ve also been getting quite a lot of offers from Japan. I will be going there quite often for work this year. Fashion brands or companies engage me to write advertorials for them. So basically, my job is to attend the event and promote their brand,” said Cheesie.

Cheesie, who speaks fluent Japanese, said that the designs of buildings in Japan are not as aesthetically pleasing compared to Malaysia or European countries. “This is because of the nature of their country. With earthquakes, they cannot have tall buildings. Most of their buildings are very simple – square-shaped,” said Cheesie.

However, Cheesie pointed out that although the architecture in Tokyo is pretty straightforward and simple, houses in the countryside like Kyoto are very beautiful.

“They cannot have any neon lights or colourful decorations around the house. This is to preserve the traditional Japanese feel,” explained Cheesie.




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