StarPropertyTV (Video): Daily habits dictate your destiny | Chiau Haw Choon

The story of Chin Hin Group managing director Chiau Haw Choon is a remarkable one. Once a secondary school dropout, Chiau was getting up to all sorts of mischief, which makes his eventual graduation from a university in Australia in 2009 all the more impressive.

Undergoing a transformational journey, Chiau became a group managing director right after graduation and have brought in the same level of transformation to his family-owned business.

Through vision and diligence, he contributed to the rapid growth of the organisation’s annual revenue, exceeding RM1bil in 2011, making them one of the major building materials traders in Malaysia.

Get to know his story on the StarPropertyTV’s Inspiring Individual series.

Breakdown of the interview:

  Introduction of Chiau and Chin Hin Group

  How he transformed his family-owned business

  A real talent seek 3 things from an organisation

  Defining an integrated life

  Why nurturing good habits is important

  Finding one’s direction

  How goal-setting and execution helped Chiau thrived

Who is Chiau Haw Choon?


Chiau Haw Choon is the group managing director of Chin Hin Group. He was appointed to the Board in 2015. As the group managing director, he oversees the day-to-day operations of Chin Hin Group.

He graduated from Deakin University, Australia, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing in April 2009.

Upon graduation, Chiau joined Chin Hin Group to assist Datuk Seri Chiau Beng Teik in transforming the Group from a family-owned business to a professionally-run corporation.

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