The Awards is back for the fourth time

By Viktor Chong

sp_award_2019_TROPHYThe hunt is on for the perfect home, and house buyers are leaving no stones unturned. From landed developments, to high rises and the luxurious villas, the property market is filled with various products that are bound to meet buyers’ expectations.

According to the Rehda Property Industry Survey 1H2018 report, first time home buyers are coming out in droves, making them the majority of house buyers at 43%. As Malaysians, it is common for us to experience a sense of completeness when we finally have a place of our own to call home.

To further complement the people’s need to own houses, helpful developers are also coming out with quality and affordable housing. Already, 65% of the property launches were reported to be at RM500,000 and below with 47% participants saying that they have affordable housing components in their development. This is a worthy cause, albeit a challenging one as developers face an uphill obstacle.

To honour the developers and their work, the Awards has returned for the fourth time to showcase the most prominent developers in the Malaysian industry. Large or small, townships as a collective unit define the lifeblood of a nation; on a smaller scale, developments and their locations greatly influence our daily life.

The Awards were made to honour the developers who have so meticulously crafted abodes, connect the myriad roads and ultimately, shelter our loved ones. Among the various categories of awards that will be given there include the Cornerstone Developments, the Five Elements Developments and the Best Touch and Feel Developments.

These are merely a few of the numerous awards that will be given out to the worthy participants. The Awards 2019 welcomes all developers, large and small to pit their skills and township concepts for these grand prizes.  

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