Standing out in your career and property investments

By Goh Ooi Hwa

retangular-banner-300x250_3PETALING JAYA: “Visibility” and “Mentor” are keys when it comes to career development, according to Petronas board member Datuk Sri Sharifah Sofianny.

“Besides working hard, delivering what is asked of you and going above and beyond, make sure you are known to your superiors and peers.

“You should also have a mentor, someone who can guide you and can champion you along the way of climbing the corporate ladder,” she added.

Sharifah will be sharing her insights on career development and what she would do differently if she could do it all over again in the upcoming Star-925 session. Her sharing on “Standing out from the crowd” is bound to prove  beneficial to young professionals and even entrepreneurs in their pursuit of differentiation and excellence.

In this era, having a progressive career is crucial for many reasons including that  a higher salary  helps provide greater investment avenues. Having more disposable income allows one to build a property portfolio faster and in a more efficient manner.

The more one focuses on one’s career, excels in it and reaches further up the ladder, the more one would be tasked with greater responsibilities and presumably earning capacity, and thus one can leverage more from the increased income. As such, Star-925 is the only unique education and networking platform in Malaysia advocating both property investment and career success. and #925 are partners in providing a platform (Star-925) for the common man to learn, network, and at the same time grow their careers and their property investments through knowledge sharing.

“Subscribers of the Star-925 platform will be able to learn from experts and corporate captains to improve both their career related skills and in turn their net worth through investment. Subscribers can also participate in exclusive deals offered directly by participating developers,” added StarProperty Sdn Bhd assistant general manager Ernest Towle.

The Star-925 event taking place on Feb 18 from 9am – 12pm at Menara Star will be enhanced with a comprehensive property area analysis on Puchong. and 925 finds that an in-depth area analysis gives much more meaningful & detailed insights to first time property buyers, upgraders and investors alike.

A property showcase exclusive to Star925 subscribers will also be presented at that time. #925, founded by Mark Chua, is the author of the bestselling book “WHO SAYS”, a social enterprise that aims to improve the career and financial standing of its subscribers. The group is passionate about property investment as a tool to achieve financial freedom.

For more information or to register for your seat for the Feb 18 event or to be a subscriber to the Star-925 movement, please log on to

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