Shield from the tide

Armor oneself with knowledge to stay afloat

By Viknesh Ashley Clarence


It is clear that currently the property market is harder to penetrate into. This is due to rather challenging times, where bank loan approvals are harder to come by.

For those interested to grasp the tools to overcome these tougher times faced by property enthusiast, as well as those interested to invest or purchase a property, head over to the Forum 2017 that will be held in Putrajaya this Sunday (Feb 19).

The insightful event will take place at Menara PJH, located along Persiaran Barat, Precinct 2, Putrajaya, from 1.30 pm till 5.30pm.

Teoh Eng Poh, which holds over 20 years of real estate expertise, will be sharing the property outlook of 2017 and the market trend pattern.

The other speaker will be Smart Financing chief executive officer Gary Chua, who will be sharing tips on how to own a home utilizing a 10:90 scheme.

“We are living in rather interesting and challenging times, as 2016 has been a difficult year for the property market, where the loan approval rate has dropped to a historically low rate, which is as low as 38% as compared to 50% to 60% previously”, commented Gary.

“In 2017, however, things may change for some, as it is with much uncertainty that a good deal is possible to be found and secured.

“Tough as it may be difficult to secure financing from the bank, preparing oneself with sufficient knowledge lets one stay ahead of the property investment, as well as the purchasing game.

“Mastering some important pointers, one can take advantage of the weaker market and accumulate substantial wealth using the 10:90 strategies that I would share at the forum,” Gary concluded.

Gary will be sharing the top seven financing secrets and strategies in getting bank approvals up to a percentage of 90 or more.
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