Propwall CORE to offer investment insights and tips on market capitalisation



PETALING JAYA: Investment has always been a daunting task, especially with many different terms and jargons which might confuse those who want to embark in their investment venture.

To shed light on the market, Propwall will be hosting Propwall CORE, an investment forum. The online property platform was created to inform and share investment insights as well as tips on how to capitalise on the property market.

The event will be held from 12pm to 3pm on July 7 at Cybertorium, level 3, Menara Star, Petaling Jaya. Four speakers will be presenting on the six cornerstones of evaluating property investment.

Some of them include Cornerstone Realty Director of Sales and Marketing Wong Yau Long and DAX Venture chief executive officer and co-founder Timothy Ho. They will share their knowledge on the property segment and give pointers on the investment opportunities that lie in the current landscape.

Ho said this forum is different from the previous iterations as the talk-forum provides a more holistic and down to earth sharing on how one can rationally evaluate property investment.

“Three different perspectives will be discussed and shared – an accidental investor, a very successful property agent, and a young upcoming property developer,” he said.

Concerning investment opportunities, he said that it is an excellent time to buy, especially in the secondary market, citing house owners who are willing to sell off their properties at a competitive price.

Although the pricing might be a good indicator, other factors should also be understood to ensure that the investment would bear fruits in the future.

“Owners would be more flexible in term of pricing, and it is time to source for right-buy properties.

“Ultimately it is about investing in a prime location and having the right property, and it does not matter whether it is commercial or residential as long as the property appreciates and provides a good yield,” said Ho.

Commenting on the market, Ho conceded that the property market has been affected by the recent economic and political events. Even so, there are still opportunities in the market if one is diligent enough.

“When demand is slow and supply overflows, there are definitely better deals in the market,” he said, adding that it is important to do one’s homework.

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